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Pool and Spa Heaters

Few things are better than a dip in warm water on a cool night. While there are many available options to keep outdoor pools or spas warm and inviting, propane is an excellent choice. In fact, the Energy Department says propane heaters can warm pools and spas more quickly than electric heaters and can maintain heat better in cold weather.

Fast, efficient heating

Today's advanced propane water heaters can be used to warm above-ground and in-ground pools and spas. With heat output of up to 400,000 British thermal units per hour, propane heaters can quickly bring even large pools to a comfortable temperature. To ensure safety, many modern pool heaters are equipped with innovative features, such as sensors that shut off the unit if water temperatures rise above prescribed limits. Bottom line: you can rely on propane pool and spa heat to deliver safe, steady warmth all through the cool months — or just for special occasions with family and friends.


Unaffected by weather conditions

While electric heat pumps are available for pools and spas, the Energy Department reports that their initial cost is higher than that of propane and other gas pool heaters. Heat pumps start losing efficiency once ambient temperatures fall below about 50 degrees Fahrenheit, which means they use considerably more electricity to maintain water heat. Solar heating, of course, works only when there is a steady supply of sunny days.


Tap professionals for safe, reliable installation

 Proper installation of your propane pool or spa heater will ensure optimal safety and efficiency. That's why it is best to have a qualified propane professional install the heater and handle regular maintenance and tune-ups as noted in the product owner's manual. To find a qualified propane installer in your area, get in touch with your nearest propane retailer.